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What's Inside The Books?

- Brutal gods
- Dangerous Magic
- Dark Secrets
- Heartbreaking stakes
- Make-you-cry Moments
- A Bisexual Main Character
- A Plus-sized Love Interest
- Love, Fear, and Hope

"They say, “We honor their sacrifice to Nidaos.”

They mean, “We bring you the remains of the loved one we slaughtered.”

Meet Sayer & Ever


But I am not sorry enough. Have not been sorry enough to keep me from killing again and again.

Monsters with good intentions are still monsters, after all.

- Sayer

“When you killed them,” she asks, voice strong but barely loud enough to rise against the wind whispering through the pines, “did they think it was better than this? Did they think it was mercy?”

- Ever

"Death waits with icy claws outside, shrouded behind a still to rise dawn, but here, the sun and the moon and the new day cannot reach us. Not yet."

Art by FallOutBryan

The Blood Hours


(aka Ann's playlist for TBH that she adds to instead of writing)

WIP Ancho

  What  Ann is working on...

Image by Leon Contreras

Sapphic Dragon Rider WIP- NOW Represented by Laura Bennett!

When the fate of the last dragon rider and the last dragon guardian collide, the secrets they uncover and their tumultuous love may create a storm that shatters the very peace they seek to protect. 

TTASDS Aesthetic Board.png
Title: To Touch A Storm-dark Sky

Inside you'll find:
- Sapphic love
- Bisexual and Lesbian Rep
- Plus-sized MC
- Storm Magic
- Guard x Guarded trope
- Mental Health Rep
- Own voices (Bi, wlw, plus-sized, Mental health)
- Twist on "Fated" trope
- Politics and secrets
- Tradgey and healing
Image by Osman Rana

  D&D  Warlock & Ranger WIP   

Working Title:
What We Left To Rot

Alora was an adventurer once- until she lost everything to victory, including the man who was supposed to be the love of her life, Kasik. Isolating herself in early retirement, she raises their teenage daughter, Saida.

That is, until the god her party once defeated returns and kidnaps Saida, pushing Alora to seek out the goddess of Rot, Kasik's patron. In the realm of rot she learns Kasik is still locked between life and death, serving the goddess due to his pact. Now the two must team up and collect their party once again to rescue their daughter from a venegful god.

Little do they know Saida might be falling in love with the god's daughter, and there are secrets lurking that will complicate this simple rescue mission.

Inside you'll find:

Bisexual characters, plus-size main character, sapphic love, feuding gods, second-chance love, dungeons and dragons inspiration, a warlock who thought he was saving his party, the ranger he left behind

Image by Cristian Palmer

Fantasy Marine Biologist WIP


When Declan's rival, Cameron, shows up on her prized research trip to find the Dreamer of the depths, she's aghast-but their bitter rivalry isn't the only thing brewing beneath the waves

Inside you'll find:

- A magical, bioluminescent manta ray

- A plus-sized, newly graduated marine biologist trying to protect the ray from poachers

- Her rival who was NOT supposed to be on this research trip

- Bisexual rep everywhere

- Ocean depths, lies, secrets, and the monsters lurking below

Image by Harpal Singh

Cursed Circus WIP

Fallon is a Whisper Weaver- a rare mage who can weave thoughts into people's minds. When she is trapped in a cursed circus, Fallon will be forced to use her power to lure in other valuable mages- and Leo, the handsome aerialist Fallon might be falling for, is the circus's next target. 

Working Title: For One, Glittering Moment

Inside you'll find;

- Bisexual MC and LI

- Morally gray characters

- Angst and spice

- Shadow familiars

- Time magic

- Secrets and lies

- Forbidden love

- A girl tired of being used to hurt the ones she cares about

- Curses, spells, and the truths hidden beneath the spetacle

A moment which would change everything-whether glittering or utterly terrifying, a space b
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